Exchange $'s to £'s

 How to exchange US Dollar money orders and cheques for UK and European Residents :
  • Please sign the back of the cheque/moneyorder(s) with your name EXACTLY as it is on the front,
    .............. using the 'endorse box' on the reverse of the money order or cheque.
  • Payments to a business name : endorse as PP 'business name' and your name
  • Log into your AuctionChex account, select the Exchange section
  • Review your statistics and click 'next'
  • Select the number of items you are sending for exchange
  • Select your repayment method, default is cheque, ( Autopay requires bank details etc)
  • Enter each item as fiqures only (99.99) and select the type (USD Money Order etc), add a note or comment if required
  • Your GBP exchange value is calculated for you, minus the admin fee for that batch
  • Check your entries, and then either edit or submit the information to us
  • The admin fee of £ 1.50 is per batch of money orders and cheques sent to us
    (This fee offsets the cost of return postage to you and our ever increasing bank charges)
  • Please note: There are some additional requirements for Euro cheques ( click here )
  • It helps if you also print off the remittance advice to include with your money orders !
  • Send your batch of cheques/money orders/cash to :
  • Dept DES, PO Box 302, Southport, PR8 2FR, England

  • On receipt, we check your submitted details with the actual received, and process accordingly
  • On acceptance, we will send you a GBP cheque via 1st class mail and email you confirmation also.
  • US dollar money orders and cheques are exchanged within 7-10 working days normally.
  • Personal USD cheques: We reserve the right to hold high value USD personal cheques until cleared
    (Please see this page for additional information on accepting USD personal cheques)

  • New users, you will need to register and set up your own personal auctionchex account
  • Please register your personal AuctionChex account here
  • IMPORTANT : Any cheques/money orders sent, will be held until you have registered with us
  • Alternatively, if you are going to be sending exchanges to us on a regular basis,
    you can have the payment paid direct to a nominated bank account via the BAC's system.
  • Please click here for additional information on BAC's payments ( Autopay)

  • Please click here for our Money Laundering Prevention Policy
  • Mainland European residents can have repayment by Euro bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) if they wish
  • Sellers who are not in 'Euroland' may wish to use our new Hyperwallet service
  • Please click here for information on this service
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